ERI Analytical performs state-of-the-art analysis of air, and bulk building/construction materials for asbestos, and bio aerosols. Our goal is to assist clients in determining and precisely quantifying contaminant constituents.

The laboratory manager had a Bachelor's degree in Biology. Most of our analysts have over 10 years of experience within their field of specialization.

The laboratory operates under a stringent quality assurance program. It has continuously maintained accreditation for analysis of asbestos in bulk samples by PLM, and has been a licensed asbestos laboratory in the State of Texas since the program's inception in January 1993. The laboratory also participates in the AIHA PAT program for fiber counting by PCM.

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Phase Contrast Microscopy is provided for air sample analysis for fibrous materials. Also provided for the NIOSH 7400A method, fiberglass, and refractory ceramics. PCM is also performed for microbial spore identification/quantification.

Analysis for both Total Dust NIOSH Method 0500 and Respirable Nuisance Dust NIOSH Method 0600 are available.

ERI Analytical also provides digestive tissue processing for forensic determination of fibrous and particulate foreign bodies in suspected exposure litigation cases.


Tracy E. Foster, Director, ERI Analytical
B.A. in Biology, 1987, University of Texas at Austin
Licensed TDSHSS Asbestos Inspector, Project Manager
Joined firm in 1995