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  • We’ve been asbestos professionals for over 30 years
  • Executed more than 20,000 asbestos inspections
  • 6,000+ successful abatement projects
  • Our testing labs are nearby
  • 5-7 day results
  • Licensed asbestos consultants & analysts

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Older facilities contain asbestos, a dangerous substance found in thousands of construction materials. We do this by providing asbestos inspections to Benbrook, TX, and surrounding areas.

Need a qualified asbestos inspector to test your facility and ensure your building’s safety?

What is Asbestos & is it Serious?

Asbestos is a fire-resistant material and is a highly effective insulator.

There are thousands of asbestos-containing materials on the market and used in construction products since the 1800s.

ERI performs asbestos surveys to keep businesses like yours compliant with state and federal regulations. Our goal is to reduce the risk of asbestos exposure.

As an asbestos testing company, we’ll analyze several types of typical asbestos-containing materials such as…

  • Asbestos tile testing
  • Mold and asbestos testing services
  • Asbestos air clearance testing
  • Popcorn ceiling asbestos testing
  • Drywall asbestos tests

Millions of workers are still at risk of exposure in the United States today.

Asbestos is made of tiny fibers 80 times smaller than one human hair, so it’s easy to inhale and can lead to various health conditions.

Asbestos can cause several severe conditions, including

  • Asbestosis
  • Cancer
  • And other lung problems

Asbestos was made illegal for commercial use in Texas in 1978, so asbestos is much more common in older buildings. However, Texas law requires all buildings to be inspected, no matter the facility's age.

Asbestos is slowly being abated from older buildings year after year, which reduces the risk every year. However, it is still a common problem.


How To Know If Your Building Needs An Asbestos Inspection?

Three reasons to schedule asbestos testing:

If your facility was constructed before 1980

Because asbestos was legally prohibited in 1978, most commercial buildings built since they are less likely to be contaminated. However, Texas law does require testing for all commercial buildings, regardless of age.

To receive a building permit

Texas law requires you to have your facility inspected before acquiring a building permit.

To ensure the safety of your employees and building occupants

Asbestos is hazardous and can even be life-threatening. Keep your building occupants safe by requesting an asbestos screening for your commercial property.

How It Works

At ERI Consulting, asbestos inspections are done quickly, thoroughly, and following the regulations of EPA, OSHA, and TDSHS.

  • Tell us about your facility

    We'll need some information about your building, such as the address, age, and size.

  • Get a Quote

    We’ll put together a proposal letting you know how long the project will take and what will be involved.



  • Perform an Inspection

    We’ll collect three inconspicuous samples from each type of material that may have asbestos. We will test it at our asbestos testing lab in the Benbrook area.

  • Lab Testing for Asbestos

    A certified asbestos inspector must do the testing in an asbestos lab under the supervision of a licensed asbestos consultant. We have both in-house.

As your asbestos consultant…

We are dedicated to thorough, high-quality asbestos testing and inspections in the Benbrook, TX area.

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