Leading Testing

  • Lead-based paint inspections are required in all states for Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) facilities and HUD-assisted facilities. ERI performs lead-based paint inspections in these facilities, as well as in target housing constructed prior to 1977. 

  • ERI is a TDSHS Accredited Lead Agency which employs TDSHS Accredited Lead Project Designers, Risk Assessors, Lead Inspectors, and uses a NITON XRF Spectrum Analyzer XL-309 for detection of lead-based paint and lead in soils.

  • ERI provides industrial, highway bridge, and military lead-based inspections using both XRF and bulk sampling.  Our designers prepare remediation specifications and/or stabilization work plans  for lead-based paint activities in these environments.

  • ERI maintains current individual EPA Lead Renovator Repair & Painting accreditation, per 40 CFR 745.225.

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