Environmental Consulting, Texarkana, Texas

At ERI Consulting, we provide a wide range of quality environmental consulting and laboratory services for businesses, residences, and public institutions in Texarkana, Texas! From our Tyler laboratories, we offer Texarkana asbestos testing, Texarkana indoor air quality testing, mold testing in Texarkana, Texarkana lead-based paint analysis, industrial plant environmental services in Texarkana, Texarkana building demolition consulting, commercial environmental services, National Environmental Policy Act compliance investigation, and much more. When you choose ERI Consulting, you're partnering with a staff of lab technicians and field technicians who are fully licensed and trained in Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs administered by the American Industrial Hygiene Association like the Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program, as well as a bevy of other training programs we use for our team.

Ever since our founding in 1987, we've been a leading environmental consulting company in East Texas, holding the highest accreditations for asbestos testing and mold testing in Polarized Light Microscopy and Phase Contrast Microscopy for clients in Texarkana. For those three decades, we've proudly offered our environmental consulting services with an enduring commitment to quality and integrity. Whether you're a school, a factory, a large corporation, or a state facility in need of environmental consulting services in Texarkana, contact ERI Consulting for more information about our services today!

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