Request for Quote for Phase I ESA

If you accept our proposal, in accordance with the ASTM standard, you will be requested to provide the following information, if available:

  • Information on any environmental liens on the subject property.
  • Chain of title.
  • Copies of any previous environmental studies (Phase I, Phase 11, Transaction Screens, etc.).
  • The most recent survey of the property.
  • A site contact person who can give us access to the property.
  • A list of any persons who may be knowledgeable about the site's history.

Any of this information you can provide will be helpful in our research.

Note: Upon receipt of the above information, ERi will provide a formal written proposal within one business day. Our proposal will outline all anticipated costs associated with the Phase I ESA, asbestos inspection, and will include field work , report preparation, sample analysis costs (if any), and travel expenses (if necessary). Upon receiving your signed acceptance of our proposal, we will schedule the work at your convenience.